Bags- and wallets, purses and the like come in all shapes and sizes. The materials from which they are made varies greatly depending on where you are in the world, locally available materials oftentimes dominating but one material above all else is available the world over- leather.
Used by humans for centuries, leather will never go out of fashion and will always be there or thereabouts in as far as class and quality go. Turkey (Türkiye-Turkei), of course is no different to the rest of the world in as far as such attitudes towards leather go, and today the leather industry in Turkey is as prominent as it has ever been; the products manufactured using leather at the very top of the pile be that viewed from a fashion or a quality perspective. Some of Turkey’s very best items produced in leather include wallets, purses, handbags and clutch bags – with many more carry cases in a range of designs thrown in for good measure. Many of Turkey’s leading leather bag, wallet and purse manufacturers are based in istanbul.
Our Most specialize in one or two areas and offer their high quality products all over the country in department stores and top range stores. Colors, sizes and designs across the spectrum can be viewed and purchased online or in-erson at many of the locations in which they are offered. Purchases can always be made in the knowledge that workmanship is second to none; the Turkish being amongst the worlds most demanding and attentive of customers.
To see what styles are big this year in the wallet / purse department look around, find the obvious fasionista and see what they are using. Observation of bags being used is of course easier than that of cash / card holders and World’s female population are always at the forefront of bag and purse fashion- in World and arguably the world making it easy to spot what is in, what’s not and what’s on its way out. Clutch bags though are always a safe bet, especially for those heading out after dark. Traditional shoulder bags never go out, even if the straps alternate between the short and the long, but many designs have grown in the volume they can hold in recent years, yet, regardless of the style and size you are after, leather as the material the product in question is made, and the need for attention to detail paid in Turkey produced pieces will never go out! Guaranteed.
Purses and wallets too can be, and are produced from such leather and are always popular investments for those looking for a little class. From large leather bags capable of sufficing for an overnight trip, or as part of an overseas vacation baggage collection to clutch bags more at home in the hands of a lady on a night at the opera, humanity’s preference to recycle from time immemorial is only reinforced in these interesting pieces still being sold today.
Throughout the range produced by CuzdanAtolyesi.com, the delicate patterns of the scales, some lifting slightly when touched all demonstrate an immense amount of care and attention in the manufacturing process. This is magnified many times over when the ‘sealing’ process evident at the edge of each piece, and in particular smaller items, is inspected , a hard-wearing form of sealant unique to Turkey.
* Some items sold in Turkey fall under the jurisdiction of “Convention on Inter national Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES)”. If a tourist buys items under CITES to bring them back to their own or another country, it is necessary to obtain a CITES export permit issued by The Ministry of Economy and Trade .

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